Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

Roche Farmacêutica Química Ld.ª, with its headquarters at Estrada Nacional, 249-1, 2720-413 Amadora, with the corporate taxpayer number 500 233 810 ("Controller" or "Roche"), acting as the responsible party for the processing of personal data for the data processed under this Policy, provides through its Data Processor FLOAT -PUBLICIDADE, UNIPESSOAL LDA, with its registered headoffice at Rua Luís de Camões, nº 118-A, 1300 - 362 Lisbon, and with the corporate taxpayer number 506275906 the website

The Controller uses Cookies, namely, to ensure that the website remains safe and that the features made available can work properly and fully, to enhance website navigation and user experience, as well as to measure the audiences. This Cookie Policy (hereinafter, the "Cookie Policy" or "Policy") regulates the collection, storage and use of cookies and the processing of information collected through Cookies in this website ("Website"). This Policy should, whenever necessary, be supplemented by the applicable legislation governing the matters herein.

Note that this Policy is not applicable to third party websites that can be accessed through links available on the Website. Additionally, this Policy does not regulate the processing of data carried out by third parties when they obtain data through the cookies installed. These data processing operations are the responsibility of the third parties who collect them.

Users may, at any time, change and manage their preferences regarding the use of Cookies in the Website, through the cookie management tool made available in Section 7 (Security, management and blocking of cookies).

Certain Cookies may allow for the identification of the user and, therefore, the Website, depending on which permissions you grant them, may collect personal data. Taking this into account, users should read the Privacy Policy available here, which provides further information and complements this Cookie Policy.

1. What are Cookies?

Cookies are small information files, usually in html format, stored by a website in your equipment (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.). All cookies and other tracking technologies, such as tags, pixel tags, web beacons, user IDs or other technological forms that may be developed, are regulated by this Policy (jointly, "Cookies").

On each visit to the Website, your internet browser permits access to the Cookies installed on your equipment, allowing the recognition and memorisation of your digital identifier (when applicable), as well as the immediate activation of your usage preferences. These Cookies will only be placed on your device with your express and opt-in consent, except in the case of strictly necessary cookies which are required for the Website to work. Regarding strictly necessary cookies, users may delete them or set up their device to ensure that they are automatically blocked according to the instructions provided under Section 7 (Security, management and blocking of Cookies).

2. What are Cookies used for?

Cookies may be used to ensure that the Website essential features remain in working order, to improve its performance and to allow the collection of certain user's information and preferences. Cookies may also be used to show advertisements that are more relevant for your interests, in accordance with your browser history and Cookies already installed.

The specific use of Cookies carried out by the Website is described throughout this Policy.

3. For which purposes do we use Cookies?

The Website may set different types of cookies, with which category being related to a different purpose:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies - Without these cookies we cannot provide you access to core features of the Website and/or access functionalities explicitly requested by you. These may be required to provide you access to features such as the training, allow you to access your website account and ensure the security of your navigation. You may configure your browser to block or alert you about these cookies. However, note that his may affect core features of the website.
  • Performance Cookies - These cookies are used to collect statistical information. Through this information, website owners are able to analyse how their websites are used and how users interact with the different webpages. These cookies may also be used, along with advertising cookies, to count the interactions with the advertisements on the website.

You may find here more detailed information regarding the Cookies we use and their main characteristics, including who is the controller, mode of operation, purpose, retention period, and sharing of data with third parties.

4. Who is the entity responsible for placing the Cookies?

Each Cookie has a domain name associated with it, and may be classified, with respect to its origin, by the following categories:

  • First party Cookies: managed and stored by the domains of the Controller or its affiliates.
  • Third party cookies: Cookies placed on the user's device through a domain or device managed by a third party whose content or technological solution is integrated within the Website. In this case, the third party may process data collected through Cookies and Roche may be unable to configure/change the cookies' operation.

You may find more information regarding the first and third party Cookies we used in the hyperlink provided in the previous section.

5. Cookie duration

Regarding their duration (storage period), cookies may be classified as follows:

  • Session cookies: these cookies will be deleted when or shortly after the user ends the browser session or closes the browser.
  • Persistent cookies: stored for longer periods, to delete these cookies either an active action by the user or the end of the defined storage period is required.

6. Security, management and blocking of Cookies

As cookies may be intercepted or altered, the following security actions are taken:

  • Unsecured orders (HTTP) are not sent when cookies are sent to the browser in plain text and may be intercepted

To protect the user's rights and their privacy and data protection, the Website make available a cookie management tool.
By using this feature, the users can, at any time, manage a number of aspects of their cookie preferences, including obtaining information about the Cookies used or withdrawn consent for Cookie storage and access. Our cookie management tool can be accessed by clicking in the button below, available on the bottom left of the website:

cookie management tool icon

Alternatively, most browsers allow users to control, through their settings, the Cookies that are stored on their device and to review which Cookies are used, deleting them immediately if they no longer want to allow Cookies to be stored. Users can also change their browser settings to disable the storage of cookies or to notify them whenever a new cookie is set:

  • For more information regarding "Private Browsing" and cookie management on Google Chrome, click here;
  • For more information regarding "Private Browsing" and cookie management on Microsoft Edge, click here;
  • For more information regarding "Private Browsing" and cookie management on Firefox, click here;
  • For more information regarding "Private Browsing" and cookie management on Internet Explorer, click here;
  • For more information regarding "Private Browsing" and cookie management on Opera, click here;
  • For more information regarding "Private Browsing" and cookie management on Safari, click here.

Users should be aware that disabling Cookies on their browser settings can have an impact on the functioning of our Website, as the settings in most current browsers are not detailed enough to allow users to disable all Cookies that are not strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the websites they visit. On devices offering such features, users can have greater control over their Cookies by using free extensions available online.

7. Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Controller may, at any time, without prior notice, amend, update or delete, in part or in whole this Cookie Policy. If changes are deemed relevant, the Controller will invite the users, trough a notice in the website, to read again the Policy and to review their Cookie preferences through the Digital Channel's cookie management tool.

Last amended: 02/18/2022